Hello and Welcome to my New and Improved Author Page! I’m LL Lemke, nice to meet you. While I adore my other author page, there’s something that’s a tiny bit unprofessional about ‘pogomonster’.

On this website you can:

  • Find plenty of links to my other blog – which will continue to update with writing tips and progress and general writerly business.
  • Check out my first novel, Opus Aria.
  • And it’s prequel, Opus Prelude
  • And the prequel’s sequel, Opus Crescendo
  • And this completely unrelated book I wrote, Convergence Point: where worlds meet
  • Learn more about me
  • Have I mentioned I have a Patreon? Check it out for exclusive writing tips, excerpts from current projects, fanfiction, as well as a serialized long fanfic, and a serialized novel. There’s some cool goals for if I get enough funding too!
  • Keep up to date with my writing career!