Hello and Welcome to my New and Improved Author Page! I’m LL Lemke, nice to meet you. While I adore my other author page, there’s something that’s a tiny bit unprofessional about ‘pogomonster’.

On this website you can:

  • Find plenty of links to my other blog – which will continue to update with writing tips and progress and general writerly business.
  • Check out my first novel, Opus Aria.
  • And it’s prequel, Opus Prelude
  • And the prequel’s sequel, Opus Crescendo
  • And this completely unrelated book I wrote, Convergence Point: where worlds meet
  • Learn more about me
  • Have I mentioned I have a Patreon? Check it out for exclusive writing tips, excerpts from current projects, fanfiction, as well as a serialized long fanfic, and a serialized novel. There’s some cool goals for if I get enough funding too!
  • Keep up to date with my writing career!


Sins of a Cybernetic Empire is continuing to go strong. Things are getting interesting~ Currently, everything released is on Archive of Our Own.

Another fanfic will start running ‘soon’. It is temporarily titled A Ghost of a Chance. It is Overwatch in the Fate universe. I’ve had a lot of fun planning it and look forward to writing it!

Another new venture for me is Write the Stars. We’re an online writing community that is focused on improving our writing as well as the writing of others. Join us for general discussion, connecting with other writers, and valuable feedback on your work!

It’s April now – so it is Camp NaNoWriMo time. I’m not in a cabin yet, so come be my writing buddy!