So you write books.

Indeed I do. I’ve been writing since I was a tiny thing, but I started pursuing it more seriously when I hit high school. I wrote my first novel while I was attended college. I’m currently chasing after my dream of writing full time, it’s a shame dreams run so fast, right? My books can be found HERE and HERE!

LL Lemke doesn’t sound like your real name.

Well, it’s kind of my real name. My first name does start with L! And my middle name has an L in it…? I had been discussing gender neutral names for publishing with a writing buddy of mine, I didn’t want to immediately be discounted because my name is ladylike. He suggested using ‘LL Lemke’ because I was signing my emails as LL. It stuck.

Are your books YA?

Well. That’s a good question. There’s a lot of variation in young adult books, which makes it hard to figure it out as a genre. I’d say that Opus Aria and Opus Prelude are a little closer to young adult, but that Convergence Point is straight into ‘new adult’. You know, young adult’s awesome older sibling.

Why do you have two blogs?

Because ‘pogomonster’ isn’t exactly very professional sounding and I should be trying to sound a little more professional when this is my career. So ‘LL Lemke Writes’ is serving as a landing page for everything, you know, so I appear to be a mature and responsible adult. Rants from a Starving Writer will continue to update as usual, the posts will appear on the nifty sidebar on this blog.

You have a Patreon too??

Yup! Patreon is giving me the opportunity to have a steadier income as writing/publishing is not historically known to be a 100% reliable source of income. I put out writing tips, fanfiction, excerpts of what I’m working on, and will be adding a long term fanfiction and a serialized novel very soon. My Patreon can be found HERE!


Yup! I do drabble commissions as well. As I said, writing isn’t always a stable career, so I try to cover my bases a little. My commission details can be found HERE!

Do you sleep?

No. I am e t e r n a l.

You seem silly, are your books silly?

Not really. There’s humor interspersed into them, but I’ve been asked the question ‘do you ever let your characters be happy?’ before, so I guess that says a lot about how I write.