The Books

I’ve published four books so far, Opus Aria, Opus Prelude, Opus Crescendo, and Convergence Point: where worlds meet.  More information on those books can be found on their individual pages!

I am constantly working on new projects and refining old projects.  As of now, I have a few ideas relating to a potential visual novel, a few fantasy ideas, it all depends on which direction I want to go post-Opus series.

Projects being worked on: unnamed visual novel, Blood Oath, Karmic Convergence, Convergence Point 2, HeavensGaze, and a few collaborative projects

Sometime soon, there will be a serialized novel starting on Patreon. While anyone will be able to put in input for which story they want to see first, paying patrons will have a little bit more say.


Opus Requiem – late 2017
Opus series omnibus – late 2017