Convergence Point



Karmalink – a mere mention of the name sends the internet into a frenzy. People say that the organization deals with the growing psychic portion of the population. There are whispers that Karmalink deals with anything that the government wants to cover up. Everything changes for one girl when she unwittingly stumbles onto the location of the mysterious organization.

Celia Grey – a powerful psychic – has a boring, average existence. She leaves her comfortable life as a graphic designer when she discovers the coordinates for Karmalink. Nathaniel Harper and a man who only goes by Cheshire give her a choice: go home and never speak of what she saw, or work at Karmalink.

She chooses to work at Karmalink, of course.

Celia finds out the world is far larger than she could have ever imagined. Between scavenging for technology to protect their universe and encounters with otherworldly beings, life at Karmalink is beyond busy. Their adventures turn darker when the past of one of the team members catches up with them.

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Celia jerked awake. Her body was sore, like she had learned a particularly difficult martial arts move off of YouTube.  She was most definitely not where she had been when she had passed out.  There was a bright overhead light that made her eyes ache.  She closed her eyes again, but the pain lingered.  She tried to solve the puzzle that was her memory, but nothing was coming together.  She unclenched her fingers and found that her hands were also in severe pain and bandaged.  She could hear vague whispers around her, but couldn’t make out what was being said – she couldn’t really tell if it was psychic chatter or actual people.

“Oh, hey, she’s coming around.”

She jerked at the sound of the tenor voice.  She hadn’t realized that there were people around, but now that she thought about it she felt stupid.  Celia opened her eyes, keeping them squinted to protect her eyes from the bright light.  She could make out two figures; one was quite obviously male, the other could pass for either gender.  She closed her eyes again as the pain spiked.

“Yeah, might want to keep those closed for a bit,” the tenor said again. “Reactions like that tend to take everything out of you.”

“Where the hell am I?” her voice was gravelly in her throat and she couldn’t help but wonder how long she had been unconscious.

“Oh, we’re not answering that yet,” a second voice said, this one a baritone. “I think you’ve got to answer some questions first.  What’s your name? How old are you?”

The tone of his voice told her that it was the best idea to answer his questions, “My name is Celia Grey.  I’m twenty-five years old.” It didn’t mean that she had to be entirely truthful.

She opened her eyes again, this time able to ignore the pain that flashed across her mind.  While she was correct in assuming that one of the figures had a very androgynous frame, the people before her were very much male.  While they were both attractive, the one she guessed was the baritone had a face that she couldn’t help but trust.  His hair was a dark brown, close to the color of good coffee, while his eyes were a bright blue.  He wore a shirt that she could only describe as snazzy and well-fitted slacks.  The other man had an attention grabbing look.  His hair was long and dark green (she took a wild guess that he dyed it) and his eyes were a strange amber color.  He wore a black, long sleeved button up shirt with a fitted, dark blue vest over the top of it.  His pants were tight to his legs.  His look was finished with a pair of combat boots.

“Liar.  There’s no way you’re twenty-five years old.  You barely look old enough to be out of high school,” the one with green hair bit out with a snort. “You’re a psychic, pretty girl, did you forget that there might be ones who are stronger than you?”