Opus Prelude



Darien Marcellus can feel peoples’ emotions and weirder yet, she seems to be connected to her prior lives. All she has ever wanted is a normal life. However, the arrival of a letter drags her away from her comfortable life and straight into the world of the Underground – a powerful organization that stands against the government. Despite her desire for a normal life, she moves forward with the organization to try and stop a government bent on total control – as well as trying to find out the secret to her strange powers. Danger is around every corner.

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She tossed the letter back onto her cluttered dining room table and ran to the bathroom.  She brought her eyes up to the mirror; pale blonde hair and pale green eyes stared back at her.  The only thing off was her skin.  She normally had a nice pinkness in the cheeks, but today her skin was translucent alabaster.  There was no physical way of telling she was different. Plenty of people were pale.  She closed her eyes tightly and felt tears leaking from the corners of her eyes.  With her eyes closed she could hear voices echoing around the room.  Darien snapped her eyes open and the voices silenced.  She sighed in relief; it was just an auditory memory – and a faint one at that.  Another lucid memory probably would have caused a full blown panic attack.

In Darien’s mind, it felt like she had no choice but to go through with the meeting.  There were people who could see that she was different from just looking at her.  She knew that there were less than nice people in the world and that not everyone took to abnormality in a kind way.  This could be an innocent meeting – the people might be able to help her learn to control the memories better.  Or they would try to kill her.  One or the other.

The night went by slowly.  Come seven p.m., Darien changed into a pair of loose fitting jeans, a warm sweater, and comfortable shoes.  She wanted to be nondescript.  She started walking towards the crossing of Main and Benjamin.

It didn’t feel right to drive tonight.  The note hadn’t specified that she couldn’t – but it just felt like walking would be a better choice.  The streetlights were casting an eerie orange glow on the sidewalk, putting her more on edge.  She could feel a knot of tension on the back of her neck.  It felt like everything about the night was trying to steer her away from the meeting.

She arrived at the crossing about five minutes early.  She always walked faster than she thought she did.  Sighing, Darien leaned back against the red brick exterior of a floral shop and looked around.  After seven this area of the city was pretty much dead, so she wasn’t surprised when there weren’t any people on the street.  The lack of people around to see if she was taken didn’t comfort her in the slightest.  She glanced down at her watch, it was a little past seven now.  She let her air out; it had probably just been some stupid prank anyway.  Darien started to walk away from the crossing, her eyes fixed on the ground.  She felt a cold hand wrap around her mouth.  Her eyes opened wide and she tried to scream through the hand.

“Shh, don’t say a word Darien Marcellus,” a rough, definitely male voice said. “If you struggle, this will be much more unpleasant than it has to be.”